Something Has Come Up I Absolutely Cannot Make It To The

by ice cream social

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released July 24, 2014

catherine - guitar, bass, vocals
jack - drums, guitar, vocals

carmen sings on "always asshole" and "white teeth" and "onion"

recorded by catherine in may 2014

songs by jack & catherine



all rights reserved


Ice Cream Social Gambier, Ohio

jack & catherine. it is a band.

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Track Name: onion
as i am eating lunch
i love the onion's crunch
but i won't brush my teeth
i hope you don't see me

if i could i'd eat the world and all its seas
yer brains yer teeth
the rocks and plants that breathe
carbon dioxide

if i could i'd seethe for all eternity
but i can't complete the unmonotony so
i'm coming right outside
Track Name: always asshole
me and my friends we are sometimes assholes
even god is a sometimes asshole
does that make me an always asshole
what does it mean just to be an asshole

i wasn't out for blood x 2
yer my brother yer my son
i'm the cousin i am everyone

will you call me when yer day is over
can i call you when i'm not hungover
i did a bad thing a really bad thing
i did a bad thing a super bad thing

i wasn't out for blood x 2
i'm a swimmer you're a runner
i'm the asshole yer my brother
Track Name: white teeth
i was reading a book review
it appeared in the sunday review
i was reading some kavanaugh
can you tell me everything ya saw

i don't know if i trust yer views
yer reporting on the uneven news
can i speak if my tongue's been glued
i don't know if this'll ever do

i can't i won't relent
i can't i won't unbend

i can't i won't relent
i can't i won't unbend
if you ever wanted me to speak
then please enjoy the backs of my white teeth
Track Name: bagel
we make clean shadows
i'm a full head taller
i say i'm selfish
they tell me not to bother
it's just one dollar
i spent it on a bagel

i'm tryna spin this into something presentable

when they all finally head off
check the fridge to see how much beer's gone
now they're gone

a chewed pen with the cap lost
we go to sleep with the lights on